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Homomorphisms from the harmonic archipelago group to finite groups

This post is a brief application of a result discussed in the last post about the existence of odd ways to map the fundamental group of the Hawaiian earring onto an arbitrary finite group : Theorem 1: Let be any non-trivial finite group and be a loop … Continue reading

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Homomorphisms from the earring group to finite groups

One of the the surprising things about the earring group (the fundamental group of the earring space ) is that the group of homomorphisms to the additive group of integers is countable (see this post for details) even though is … Continue reading

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The Harmonic Archipelago Group is not Free

In recent posts, I’ve been writing about the behavior of fundamental groups of the most fundamental “wild” spaces. We did a decent amount of work in a two-part post to convince ourselves that the fundamental group of the earring space … Continue reading

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