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Shape injectivity of the earring space (Part I)

One of my posts where I did some substantial hand-waving is my original post on the fundamental group of the earring space. I wrote about how to understand and work with this group, but I never gave a proof of … Continue reading

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The Baer-Specker Group

One of the infinite abelian groups that is important to infinite abelian group theory and which has shown up naturally in previous posts on infinitary fundamental groups is the Baer-Specker group, often just called the Specker group. This post isn’t … Continue reading

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The Griffiths Twin Cone

This post is about an important wild space which, in many ways, is similar to the harmonic archipelago space that I posted about a few weeks ago. The Griffiths twin cone (or Griffiths space) was first studied by H.B. Griffiths in the 1950’s … Continue reading

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