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Topologized Fundamental Groups: The Quotient Topology Part 3 (Why isn’t it always a topological group?)

In Part 1, I mentioned that one of the surprising things about the natural quotient topology on the fundamental group is that the resulting group with topology often fails to be a topological group. In fact, I’d say it’s usually … Continue reading

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Testing the limits of Eda’s Theorem

With everything going on, it’s been a bit tough to find time to post about the things I’d like to. I’ve promised posts about topological homotopy groups for a while but I want to do those right, so it may … Continue reading

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Shape injectivity of the earring space (Part II)

This is the sequel to Shape injectivity of the earring space (Part I) We’re on our way to proving the canonical homomorphism from the earring group to the inverse limit of free groups is injective. Part I was mostly dedicated … Continue reading

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