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Homotopically Hausdorff Spaces (Part II)

In my post homotopically Hausdorff spaces (Part I), I wrote about the property which describes the existence of loops that can be deformed into arbitrarily small neighborhoods but which are not actually null-homotopic, i.e. can’t be deformed all the way back … Continue reading

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The Baer-Specker Group

One of the infinite abelian groups that is important to infinite abelian group theory and which has shown up naturally in previous posts on infinitary fundamental groups is the Baer-Specker group, often just called the Specker group. This post isn’t … Continue reading

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The earring group is not free (Part I)

The main goal of this two-part post will be to study the homomorphisms out of the earring group. Click here to get to Part II. In particular, we’ll end up concluding that the set of homomorphisms to the additive group … Continue reading

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