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Infinite Commutativity (Part II)

In Infinite Commutativity: Part I, I described infinite commutativity in general terms with some basic examples, including real infinite series. In this post, I’ll discuss how the homotopy groups , are more than just abelian in the ordinary sense. Their … Continue reading

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Infinite Commutativity (Part I)

The Eckmann-Hilton Principle is a classical argument in algebraic topology/algebra. This argument allows you to conclude that an operation which may be expressed in two different ways (imagine that it may be applied both horizontally and vertically when written) is … Continue reading

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What is an infinite word?

In this post, we’ll explore the idea of non-commutative infinitary operations on groups, that is, multiplying together infinitely many elements in a group. This idea arises very naturally in “wild” or “infinitary” algebraic topology. In fact, lately, this has been … Continue reading

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